Thursday, January 22, 2004

kung hei fat choi!

Happy new year to the chinese society out there. i'm actually part chinese but we don't celebrate chinese new year. pero what i love about chinese new year is the rice cake. here it is called tikoy. heaven.. pero baka tumaba pa ko lalo! im trying to work out... i mean not go to the gym pero work out something to make my body fit enough!!! ahahah... impossible... but i know i can do it...

so many people are inviting me to parties they are having and i one wasn't gonna stop so, chloe, a very close friend, picked me up and put me the drinking chamber!! drinking again! and again! everybody was drinking but they were trying to get me drunk! but they failed! so i went home and now im using the computer. im just filling out this page... i just want to tell you guys what other small things had happen to me today. right after my 4:10pm class, i waited for james (boyfriend of San) in my kingdom. hahaha and i know i was bound to sing a lot. and i did! so when he got there. we got to talk about stuff.. and stuff.. hahaha and we left by 7:00pm. i did sing a lot. people come and go. and i was there... and people came back and i was still there. what a life. HARI NG TAMBAY!

new yeaR! what will my resolution be? i don't know. i can't be certain. hindi ako pwede magsalita ng tapos

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