Friday, January 09, 2004

break, break, break (sorry for the delay)

three classes and a break:

something unusual happened today - i came to school early not having a good reason to be early. the moment i openned my eyes, i went straight to the bathroom and dressed up as fast as i can (in my pj, white shirt, flappyflappy - total sleeping outfit), but not knowing it will look like that. without a doubt, my dad scolded me like any other day that he sees me in a shirt without a collar. beause that's the rule. i can't leave the house with wearing something without a collar, that is not a school attire. what is? office attire?... that's why people perceive me as a very mature person.. with all the crap i get during the early morning. i went to school one and a half hour earlier than my class that starts at 9:40. what a waste. but i couldn't take all the crap i get when im at home. it a very confidential story and i an't mention anything (but in time).

i had my last song to be sung in my kingdom. SAN (my buddy), was with me and we will go to our different classes after that last song. we were savoring it's every tune when the bell rang. so we had our first class and from my kingdom to LS (where i will be staying all my college life. the other end of the world) the class moved to miguel (just around the corner) to watch an introductory video for ENGLONE. and because there will changes in our teacher. we were dismissed after the 20-minute video. and so my 2-hour break starts with an extension of an hour because an hour of ENGLONE class remains. Amabel and I waited for Nix to arrive. it took her a 2 hours to arrive school and i met her alone in agno and the first thing i asked her, "how traffic was traffic?" then we went to venue to play a little billiards. and minute passed, we didn't realize it was already time. all in all it wasnt a bad boring break. i have accomplished a lot of things but it was bad for my pocket. it was left with nothing.

COMP2AE is the next best class. we had check our mails, logged on to site and stuff, when the teacher (Mr. See, the same guy) arrived, we all hooted and shouted fro joy because he was a very nice teacher. because he was our teacher, he just interviewed some other students not from our block. then we were off again leaving us a thirty minute break again where i could just get a sneak peek in my kingdom if "dream" is there. And he was. and some other friends... like honey (ang pinagkakamalan), JC (intphil guy), some other goks friends. and off i am to my last class....

Save the best for last... ECONONE is out last class. the teacher again was late for like 10 minutes and he just grouped us we laid us the classroom rules and we were off. We were free! dismissed at last! and you can just guessed where i went to. yes youa re very right - my kingdom!

it was worth it. every minute of it was for keeps. my eyes, my tummy, my heart and whole body was satisfied. the siomai was great. dream was great. i couldn't think of anything else. what could i have possibly wish for that i don't have. we know that. but it couldn't happen because of some friend. but it was okay. dream will come true and in time.

in conclusion i had 4 hours of break and with everything that happened it was worth it. i say it was worth it, baby! and i know its for keeps.

pero i was thinking what have i done. why does everybody say that i've fallin deeply in love with dream? it a hefty estimate for me to say that i've fallin' in love with dream. i know it's just an infatuation... i'm just fond of him being all that wacky and funny all the time. and besides i've yet to experience it myself. like i always say, "to feel is to believe", and i don't feel anything. so there is really nothing. kaya to the people in agno. please do not spread the rumors. it will affect my image. it will destroy my reputation. and it would be hard to change it. like echo whose image is the "manggugulo", he is known like that before the people even know his first name. i don't want to have a hard time changing an image.

harhar. from all the break, break break. one things for sure i know i'm happy! shalala! it's so nice to be happY! everybody should be happy!! shalala! happy! happy! happY!

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