Sunday, October 10, 2004

a keys concert!

the concert was a blast. i never thought my dad would let me go. iw as dressed up and all for the concert and i was really hoping on seeing her up close... i was so excited. i have never been this excited since alanis' concert 1999.

the whole week i was so nervous because of the concert. i didn't want to spoil anything so i was really behaving myself but unfortuantely somthing went wrong. i forgot to text my mum that i would be going home late. i was really pissed off coz it was tuesday night that everything just went down with me. i couldn't stand up. i was so frustrated in school and especially at home. i couldn't do anything but just go with the flow of the day.

the days went by and nothing seemed right anymore.

but saturday was just my day. i was kinda feeling that i would be going but i wasn't sure if it would be a legal gimik.

we got there... a little late for the front act but just in time fos us to get comfortable.

AK! you rock!

im gonna rock wit you!

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