Saturday, September 23, 2006

final freedom

as i woke that last day in boracay i wanted the time to move slower than ever. i know that we didn;t have time to go to the pool or have a short dip in the beach. we had to prepare to go home. we had our breakfast and nevver did we get to have breakfast together after the first morning. everybody wanted to move at a slower pace than usual.

as always this would mean the end of the photo op in the beach. the more we had to move faster because our ride would pick us up at exactly 12pm. we took a lot of pictures of the last time we would ever see white sand in months... (we would be going back this january for sure).

make us...


i was tired and exhausted. im feeling all the non-sleep i have been having since day one. i wanted to go with the last trip to d'mall with pam, ate and fifi but i just dont want to move anymore.

we were the cause of delay everybody. the moment the service picked us up, the girls weren't back yet from their accessory shopping to the boat ride and the bus ride back to kalibo.
never again will i land in kalibo. the bus ride is long and my back really hurts.

i'm feeling the sunburn all over my body. im itchy and my body aches. even if the vacay was suppose to be relaxation, the trip was still exhausting. the walk from the resort to d'mall. the whole station 1 to station 2 was long and hot... even more when the tricycle squeezed the 6 of us in one and charged us P60 then P50 then P4o. the walk became more and more exhausting.

we got into the plane tired but couldn't stop taking pictures of ourselves.

the view from the top

the clouds

the profile

the beautiful world

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