Friday, September 22, 2006

we called it freedom part II

Friday, September 15, 2006
not that early early morning but still the early bird. still excited, but not dressed up anymore. i went to get our breakfast voucher and ate already. i was hungry already but there was no tocino. so breakfast was not as good as the other day but i ate more. HUH? weird right. i had more space for food maybe because i went to the bathroom first before eating giving me enough for breakfast.

its the same thing all over again but funner!

looking at secret accessories thanks to giles.

getting ready for lunch at jammers

pictures at sunset

under the sun

water upto my feet.

last pose with a bathing suit on

someone was sleeping still...

Last Night

the night unlike any other night. we went for our last mexican galore. had a couple of drinks and partied and club paraw.

the ape in her last dinner. hopefully not the last trip.

outside club paraw. spotting some cute guys in the dark.

kulang. wala na naman si arvin. hindi ka nagtatago ngayon pero kala siguro nung waiter hindi ka kasama sa pic. a lesson you have to learn. when the camera is pointing at you try not hide but smile... :D

not drunk at all just plain fun

dancing when nobody was

peeps who got a little to drink

as three of the oldies left to rest, we were left to enjoy the our last night.

giles, his friends and family joined us in club paraw. we had a litle number of our own around the table. cool fam!

danced the night away...

danced some more...

the more i will never forget the night...

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