Friday, December 26, 2008

i can't believe im thinking it

im so bored im thinking how i miss going to work... WAHHHHH!

oh my god. i just can't believe im actually thinking it. i love my job right now. im happy right now. but i dont think im that happy to even miss going to work. everytime im staying home with nothing to do, i keep hoping that the weekend ends and monday will come because im so bored at home.

i dont wanna go out that much because i will spend money when i do. maybe because i miss seeing my crush (he's so cute). its weird coming from me that i like going to work.

something to do. being productive for a change. weird because i was always the one person who doesnt like office. not the person to be tied down in one chair for 9 hours with the same thing everyday.


but here is routine and im actually enjoying it. here i am enjoying but still questioning it? what is wrong with me?

now im thinking of my future. can't work without a datebook or calendar at hand. can't decide on stuff without checking my schedule. ewe! i disgust myself. one of the things why i hate the office.

still here i am. no plans of resigning or leaving. i'll give myself a year... will i ever make it?

but can you believe im thinking it? im thinking that i hope the holiday ends so i can go back to work? or its just that im bored... still no excuse to think this way. i should do something now before i go crazy!

become a workaholic! WAHHHHHH!

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