Tuesday, May 16, 2006


in less than one week i would be going back to school to finish my last 3 months of school(1 whole semester). i can't believe how fast i was able to finish college. it seems like it was just yesterday that i was in gradeschool putting makeup on during recess with my bestfriend and just laughing so hard with what we've been doing.

speaking of my best friend... the night of mother's day when we got home from a very yummy VIP dinner at Kulinarya, i openned my mail to be surprised with a message from a very close friend of mine when i was in gradeschool.

it was her birthday yesterday and i she picked me up at my place so i could attend her party. so sweet! kathryn surio. this girl is a friend of mine. her mum and i got to talking and she was remembering only me as her daughter's only friend in STC.

we lost contact when she started to go home study after gradeschool. i never saw her again until last night. funny thing coz her house is one tricycle ride away from my place.

her mum got so excited that they gave me a free membership in their gym. we got to catch up on things. there were so many things i don't know about her. i couldn't even remember really anything about her. i just remember how sick she was before, she is quiet and she cries when she arrives to school late. i know! my complete opposite!

it was a very long time. and now i know that there will be more time for us to get to know more about each other. more time in the future to hangout and have fun like the old days.

i can't believe that was 12 years ago. im not that old but we were that young and we still consider each other as best friends. FOREVER.

going back. first thing monday morning i should be up early to attend class. i can't believe my one month is up already. but then i feel like i haven't gotten enough sleep from the tiring days i had the last term.

i have to make the most out of this week before i get to be stuck with classroom and professors and fucking classes.

goodluck to me and to everyone who failed SALESBA! let's show these fuckers how they made a mistake...

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