Friday, November 19, 2004

my share of life

school has been the only thing that has been keeping me busy and its the only thing that i've been doing. if you can't find nowadays, the library is the place to be. and you would see me there burning my ass off...

something new right? its the time of the term that all of us are working hard... and this term i had my part of college life. i started majoring this term and i realized how hard it is to be sitting pretty at home when all of your mates are working their ass off.

now i'm feeling what they're feeling when i do the same. i see my friends do nothing and a few of us are the only ones doing the work.

i'm here in speedbytes (computer shop). for two weeks, my classes are upto 11am only and then i'm free. and today im just hangout before going home. i don't want to go out coz they're playing the CD of Alicia Keys. and they're right now playing Heartburn. and i dont care if people are looking at me. i feel like singing... i miss her so much.

when i'm doing stuff that really hurts my head, i just think of that night my cousin and i watched the concert and it has been the best night ever.. i want to remember how it was.

but i have to be researching right now. but i can't concentrate. it's the song. i feel like floating in the air.

and i guess i dont have more to say... if i ain't got you with me baby!!!!

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