Wednesday, November 10, 2004

im sooooo freakin' pissed!!!

it started when my first class was thru. i went to agno, the usual that i would be meeting kaycee. but it was shit coz when i got there kaycee was about to go. felt really shitty. i just can't seem to tell why. i was staying there for one whole hour and i see her again passing by with her NFF (new flag friends). but whatever coz i was with yot na.

yot and i was there and we were talking about anything lang. not just anything. the first thing that pops into our minds.. literally we weren't even talking sense. AT ALL. the whole conversation was (blah). and we were already laughing at each other. both of us are just plain weird.

i went to mcdo coz jeanette and other people were there. and i was just waiting for the group meeting for our project. i was getting pissed coz its been two hours and they can't make up their minds if we are going to have a meeting or not. so i forced to just stay in school and study inside the library. and in the end, only four of us was there to attend the meeting coz we can't everybody. and it was just to meet up and go to the supermarket and buy some stuff for the product.

i was really pissed. we should've finished this last week. if they could've listened to me when i was saying to them that a calamansi sanitizer is not a feasible product. but NOOOOO! they still wanted to go their way. they didn't look at the long term situation. and just now they acme to realize what we ahve been telling them. they should've listened to us in the first place. now that there are lots of stuff to do, we can't even make our palns straight.

the only thing that is making me happy right now is thank god i have jeanette in my group or else i would leaving the group and pursue a sole proprietor project.

she was telling yesterday that i should look at the bright side. we were already in the right track. at least now they would be listening to us. but still i feel the hassle side. we all want to do want each one wants and there is no cooperation. we don't even alot a time to meet coz we are busy doing something else. i just hate it. how will we survive the next 5 terms of our lives.

i have to control myself. i just i have to... coz IM SOOOOOOOOOO FREAKIN" PISSED!!!!

im having my BF...

you know what that is


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