Monday, January 31, 2005

maundy monday

its been tiring today. my feet still hurts and i can't walk straight. the whole iw as having a hard time going up and down the stairs for class and after class.. walking around the school and people around me don't have any idea what pain i'm feeling.

so everytime my friends notice my limping, i would be telling the story all over again...

badminton fiasco
my mum, brothers and i went to celebrity sports club last saturday to play badminton. with almost an hour of playing. i got into an accident. and i dont know what happened next. the next thing i know is that my feet is aching and i don't know why. i just remember falling down not that hard but didn't realize i almost broken my ankle.

so tired of walking, i realize it's much tiring to just sit down.

after my last class, i went straight to agno to get the usb cable for my printer and plan to not stay and go home to my new pc. i haven't mentioned it , by the way last friday my dad bought me a new-oh-so-techy-cooly- personal-computer.

so after class i went straight to agno and to make the long story short i came home late... as always but there was a good reason now... when i was sitting in agno with reden and echo, these group of girls started questioning me. and as always, i was listening to my ipod, i was really paying attention to there questions and just gave answers to their questions. and next thing i knew this girl was sitting beside me and starting a very long almost 15-page survey about dunhill. i was just tiring. i was sitting their for almost an hour, just laughing. and i felt pain after staying there.

and i realized another thing. i do gic a lot. and i know a lot of them. i'm a walking gic stand.

around 700, i went home already. i was waiting for the lrt for 30 minutes already but still the trains are full and i can't go in. joel called me around 730 asking me where i am and guess what. i was still there. and when he got there... in his luck, a half full train came... and i got in with him. i was just pissed because the whole day for me is just tiring.. i just hope it wouldn't be like this tomorrow... i've been rolling my feet using a bottle to cure the sprain since i got in the house and i think it's doing better. i just hope...

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