Sunday, April 03, 2005

their summer not mine

april 2, 2005
Happy Graduation FIFI! sarap sarap ng food sa Dad's the Ultimate dinner buffet. we are getting ol.d coz around 11pm we we're all headed home. jl got sick so right after he messed powerbooks (with his bunnies) we all went home. we we're all tired even if we all wanted to stay outside, we can't do anything because we don't have a centavo to spend. we are all broke and we say we are all tired. also pam doesn't want to be seen out that much. because she's burnt herself all over.
i'm so inggit. i want to go to the beach. but i don't want to go to bora na. everybody is going there and i've already been there... somewhere in palawan or island hopping elsewhere would be nice.

april 3, 2005
we all stayed at home, felice and i continued our singing sessions. we are making some noise and i say noise because nobody can sleep with all the singing we do.

i was suppose to start reviewing for my finals but i didn't. i guess i have all the time in the world. i dont have classes anymore and i kinda know half of the exam. there wont be any problemo for me.

papers are due and that is my problem. ni ahve to finish it by tuesday and i haven't even started. our so-called marketing manager got to pick the easiest chapter when he's suppose to make our marketing plan.

for the paper... it is our thesis proposal. im already in my major years and i have grouped with the finest people. (that's what i think they are). i just hope we finish this and pass the defense next term so i could sleep soundly at night. not thinking of any paper we have to perfect.

i really want my summer to start. ramon, miggy, jl and felice are on their break already and i'm still in school. getting my ass kicked everyday with all the shit school has to offer.

summer!!! summer!!!

beach beach... it so hot i want to really feel it not in school but under the sun with some salt water and sand!

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