Wednesday, June 01, 2005

school keeps getting better and better

i can't get enough of school. it's only the second week and i have experienced already everything i'm
expecting for the whole term. so this means that there will be more to come.

i chose an MWF schedule this term. all 18 units in one day and i'm still coping up. but everyday of the week i've
been very busy. my thesismates are coming over at my place to have meetings and to finalize our has
really been hard but we can't do anything, it will be very hard for us if we don't do it properly. besides next
term, we wouldn't be having that much problem. This term will be the defense and if we are all good, we will pass
and continue next term for the practicum. (THREE MORE TERMS TO GO). im already excited to graduate. i want to get
this all over with.

But one of my worries is not being a DL just once for the three years of my stay in lasalle. i was very close to
getting that but unfortunately some teachers just hate my gutts. i have to be better this term. this may be the
easiest term i could ever have. and if ever i become dl this term, sana pwede ako ibili ni papa ng car. sobrang
kakatamad na kasi magcommute. i always go home late kasi rush hour and dismissal ko. eh sobrang kakapagod tlga.
eh if i have a car, it would be easier for me. to go home kaagad. i can go to different routes to avoid traffic
and it would be easier for me to bring a lot of stuff para i don't forget or leave things that i would be needing.
pero dahil commute lang ako, as much as possible i bring only my notebooks. sumasakit kasi ang likod ko in carrying
very heavy stuffs. my osteoporosis will get worse. eh sa upper back pa naman ang problem ko...

oh how i wish... i'm really doing my best. PROMISE!

i'm encouraged more ngayon kasi i don't know lots of people in some of my classes. so i really don't talk that much.
suddenly this urge of mine to copy everything. to have my notes complete. maybe that's the trick for me to get
higher grades. this term, i have realized yung influence sa kin ni jeanette pa (she's my thesismate, friend). she's
the only person who makes me run when i'm late na. and now that wala na sha to tell me i'm late for class na. i'm
always on time na. i try to be 20 minutes early. i could be waiting outside the classroom or just sitting down at
some bench until the bell rings for class.

i miss her na. pero maybe this is for the best.

i always write down my assignments and keep track of everything i need. jeanette does all this things for me. now,
i do all this things for myself. how nice one person can make a big difference sa kin.

first week: HELL WEEK
ENTRES quiz on the second meeting
reading assignments for LITERA
a lot of paper work again for ENTRES

second week: SLACK OFF
i absent myself to two classes already
ENTRES presentation - not really prepared
reading assignment LITERA - did not read
reading assignment RELS - did not read

a lot of things have been happening and i know there are still more to come. i wish i can pass of all this without
me having a breakdown. i insomniac already. i don't sleep and even sometimes i tell people i do. i really don't
but i feel that i do. i just lie down the bed and read books. holler people and talk them all morning just to have
someone to talk to. i don't even know if they're even listening. just as long as i'm doing something.





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