Tuesday, May 25, 2004

summer is over... school starts.

as always we start shool earlier from other schools. we started to go back to school yesterday. it was exhausting coz i have three straight classes from 1140pm to 330 pm. to breaks at all. but it was okay my schedule is kinda hard to get...

break = loss of money

i say this because when there is a break you tend to spend money so that you wont get bored and for that matter you'll lose a lot of money. i mean from experience, i know myself that much that i would do anything not to get bored.

oh well. so school starts again. im not classmates with almost half the class. but it was fine. ir eally haven't seen the lot of them. but who cares. so i go to school yesterday midmorning when a girl stepped on me in the LRT. i was kinda pissed because my shoes B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! i was so shocked i couldn't help myself saying the F and the P word. it just popped out of my mouth like a potato hot from the pan.

people were shocked they were looking at me like im a devil or something. but whatever. i was just shocked she stepped on both shoes. i mean nobody steps on both shoes unless you meant it.

well so i got to school just in time for my first class. it was a very hot day. my first class was in the third floor of my building and i had to run to the third not to be late. but unfortunately i really wasn't late. the teacher was. you may never know what to expet on the first day at those teachers..

after the day has ended... the usual thing happened i went to my usual tambayan and the usual my friends so me there and invited me for a cup of coffee and the usual combo. without knowing it. i was sitting there with nothing to do and not even pulling a stag. i mean not so usual. i've stopped for almost a month and a half and it was kinda funny coz everybody just couldn't believe it. even my cousins just can't believe.

but two days past and i still have the power. i'm not mesmerized by the smoke surrounding me. i survived.

today same thing happened. i went to school almost late for class but just got there on time... i was with the sub teacher in the elevator. i got in first. hehehe... and she even started to lecture even though she is just the sub... oh well... just plain boring.

so there... im back to school... something im not that happy of...

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