Saturday, May 29, 2004

my first free saturday

it's my first week from school. and it was okay... at first i was okay with my sched as it turns out i have one class which i dont know anyone.. at all! so i decided to adjust in another class of the same faculty. unfortunately, the section was closed.

i talked to the teacher and she let me go to the other class without even paying the late adjustment fee of P220. its kinda expensive so i was really hesitant in adjusting.

thank god the teacher was nice.

i adjusted to the class where my other friends are in. so i started to attend the class yesterday. i was suppose to take seat at the back but a guy told me that the seat next to him was vacant. so i moved my stuff there and waited for the class to start. because i already heard the lecture, i was able to answer the questions of the teacher.

i was the only one answerng the questions. its as if im the only who's there. oh well. so i try giving the answers to the chinese guy next to me.

at my last class i was talking to my friend.

"galit ako sayo! lagi mo kinakausap yung guy na katabi mo" i was really sure who the guy was. i just wanted someone to answer stuff for me. i wasn't really thinking. but when he told me who the guy was. iw as like... that's him. yeo's brother. okay he is not cute and besides i dont dig chinese guys. he is all yours.

so this guy was the my friends inspiration in learning in that class pala. they're all chinese so they kinda like his looks. but not me. so they were saying that yeo(UAAP guy)'s brother is in the class too. they were all like telling me in that drolling face and saying how cute he is.

the yeo's brother i know is the who looks like him in team b. but he is really not the guy. they're just look-a-likes.

basically, i really didn't care. it's just nice to have to know someone in class which is kinda hard.

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