Saturday, May 08, 2004

what's it been like over a decade

actually it been two months... it has been that long sine i updated.

nothing has happened really... nothing that important. after holy week we had our three-day exam. it was brutal. i didn't have sleep and i still crammed myself with those formulas and facts.

a week after it was judgement day. i was hoping i wouldn't fail anything because i was kinda baosting to my father that i was pretty sure that passed everything. and i really wanted him to give me the permission to go to boracay with my friends and if i pass everything, i would have a better chance of going. unfortunately my friend who was treating us to boracay had failed economics. it was sad. so now that boracay trip was cancelled. she had to have two summer classes and it would a total hassle for her if the trip goes on.

it was her birthday yesterday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAYCEE!

so i went to baguio with my family. a tradition that we go there every year because my and dad and all his other friends at work are going to compete in a golf tournament.

but it was a different trip this year... it was short and we were few this year unlike those other years we went to baguio with friends.

maybe because it been like a decade... things really do change and for a decade.... it must have changed a lot... i guess... i wish it would be for the better

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