Thursday, March 01, 2007

lets learn something new

i've been kinda interested in the romanian culture as it really is interesting. the people there have invented a lot of stuff that we are using now.





the language originated from the Latin langauge and is very similar to four other languages. So Ovid, the guy i met online started to send me a song. i really wanted to translate the thing but it took me a long time though so he told me what the song meant.

Se spune ca vremea e frumoasa atunci cand in suflet e soare
Se spune ca ploaia-i mai rece atunci cand in suflet te doare
Se spune ca vantul nu bate deloc cand iubesti
Dar frunzele toate se misca, sa stii ca-mi lipsesti (sa stii ca-mi lipsesti)

Refren:Te voi astepta
Toata vianta mea,
Doar iubïrea ta
Ma poate salva.

they say the weather is beautiful when your soul is filled with sunshine
they say the rain is colder when your soul hurts
they say the wind doesn t blow at all when you love
but all the leaves move,you should know that i miss you...

i will wait for you
all my life
only your love
can save me

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