Thursday, March 01, 2007

around the world in one night

can you imagine that you can see the world in one night?


the internet is really great. you can see things fro around the world and learn things from it. you can even talk to people from other parts of this world we live in.

for example i have met this guy. he's from romania. we started sending messages for about 3 hours from this site and ended up asking for each others yahoo messenger. and for more than 12 hours now we've been chatting and we got a chance to talk to each other because of the internet. this is so amazing.

and he is so damn cute! he looks like andy roddick!

his name is ovidiu alexandru craciun. he's 22, studying history and english in his senior year in a university in romania. single i might.

he told me to download skype so that we can talk. so i did. it didnt take a while and he added me up and we started talking for 15 minutes. his mom called him though to eat lunch so we said our goodbyes. after an hour, he's online again and right now we are still chatting...

how we wish we could meet. but he's about 8000 miles away. maybe when he visits the philippines or somewhere else...

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