Wednesday, April 09, 2008

taiwan one step at a time

my whole family is in taipei city. we are staying in a hotel that feels like a motel. pictures to come would show what i mean.

we departed manila at exactly 12:25 in the afternoon because there was an hour delay on the plane. we all thought we were already late because the immigration took so long and we all woke up late. so taiwan was a two-hour ride. we were all so hungry because in the plane they charge too much for crappy food and we haven't eaten anything since we woke up.

the first thing that we wanted was to eat. we have a representative of the company that sponsored our trip to join us and be our tour guide named gary, who is from taiwan and is just based in the philippines and michelle who is an employee also of the company. the company is called HCG. it is basically something to do with bath fixtures.

so we have our tour guide, gary, take us to a province called jingge and we ate some chinese food. really good. and after we ate. we all got free plates from the store that the restaurant owns.

first order of business : TAIPEI 101. this building is the tallest building in the world as of the moment. it has 101 floors and is supported by a ball that is suspended in the middle of the building which is called the damper baby. it was so cool to go up and take pictures of the lights of the city. i said that it is the tallest building as of the moment because in Dubai they are building the Burj and it will be the next tallest building. they have just announced that the building has 108floors. imagine that!!! (so next stop DUBAI)

it got pretty late and everyone got cranky especially my lola because we were all hungry again. we ended up eating in the streets right beside our motel and head up to rest. actually head up to take our bags there and go to the nearest internet cafe we found which is 24/7 open. the cafe is in the corner of our street so it is really convenient for us. the internet cafe rules. you can drink and smoke inside an aircon room. i dont think there are cafes like that in the philippines. im not drinking though. something new right? well let's see tomorrow what happens.

i have no idea where we are going and the itinerary. but i want to know thought. so i can study the map i have and enjoy.

until then... taiwan wants me to sleep now...

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