Tuesday, January 01, 2008

URGENT: Long Evaluation Kept Short for 2007

i've been saying for the month of december that the year of 2007 was not that good of a year for me. thinking back i can't seem to find something good that happened to me. when 12 o'clock came. the whole year came flashing before my eyes.

i wanted to fill this entry with photos of the past but unfortunately my laptop broke down and almost all my files are lost. except for the ones i have uploaded in my websites. the pictures would have told you otherwise. i had a good year. i may not have had a blooming love life. but life has been good for me.

at the start of the year, i have been blowing off all my time with malling, clubbing, sleeping, eating and breathing. i was so fed up that i got myself a job that won't inquire me to wake up early. and i got just the perfect job in Peoplesupport as a telephone banker for Washington Mutual Bank. reasons i wont go into. to my surprise, i had so much fun that i lasted four months but my lazyness is much more powerful than i am. i quit my job and went back to my old ways.

during my working days (but they were really nights), i would start with a nice shower at around 930pm. and would take my time to clean up so when i go to work, my bosses would smell me and they would love me. oh everyone would know what i mean about that. so moving on... i met a lot of people and i really enjoyed working with them in the short time i was with them. they weren't just co-workers but they became friends and confidantes. during work, they would help out when you need a helping hand, they would also be there for you after work. of course it wouldn't be complete without the autoin (drinking session) everyday after the shift ends. with just two bottles of vodka and some bottles of beer during brunch is the best sessions of my life. how i miss doing that.

there were a lot of reasons why i quit my job. i wasn't really sure if i made the right decision there because plans were all messed up when i was denied a visa to the states. i thought i would have the ultimate vacation but the dream was cut short by the awakening of the snob american lady that didn 't give me even just a month or two of vacation to visit friends and relatives. as if i would want to stay there forever. why would i want that? im living the life here in manila. i have my own car. my dad gives me money whenever. i have a credit card i can use anytime. our fridge is always full. i have a cozy bed to sleep in. i can party whenever. i dont have to work that hard to enjoy myself. which i can't do when i would live in the states. i was thinking of working maybe for a little while of study but to migrate and leave all this? NO!

this may be my ticket to getting away from my family and learning independence that i've been wanting for the longest time but i still have other options.

this year i was able to watch the Beyonce and Fall Out Boy perform live. unfortunately when babyface visited, i got sick for the whole week. and during that time my dad got sick as well and he was confined in the hospital for a week.

we had to travel a lot this year.

Malaysia Truly Asia

Hong Kong! Live it! Love it!

Shanghai Mission Impossible

this amazing year was actually a good year. there were moments of crying for me. actually that would be a lot but lets not go into that. this post is a happy one and lets stick to it. i may have been an asshole this.. so to those who i have hurt, whatever babies!!! hahaha

its actually refreshing to see that entering the new year, there were not much firecrakers around. especially in our house. basically, every year my dad would buy tons of firecrakers and would start lighting them up at 10pm of december 31. but this year, nobody bought any firecrackers. so what our block did was cook lots of food and had a street party all night. everyone was able to hangout outside which usually was impossible because everyone (meaning the girls) are afraid of all the bang. there were smiles on everyones face because every person on our block was able to eat lots of food and there were still a lot of extra.

during the year, i promised someone that i would be blogging a lot this year. but i wasnt able to do that. our internet connection was busted and i didnt have that much energy to write a good entry. i always wanted people to enjoy reading what i type here coz having to read a long one and being boring would be torture for my friends. (geek i cannot promise but i will try to write some more)

i usually have new year's resolution that i don't even do and forget for the next week or so. this year i would just live and see what happens.

no matter what, no regrets!

2008 here we come to rock your world!

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