Friday, April 11, 2008

Another step in Taiwan

Another step for me and my whole family in Taiwan. One hell of a trip from the city to the zoo. Everyone was late for breakfast. After using the internet last night, we had to stop by the brewery in the lobby to check out the beer. Of course it was already late and the bar was going to close down at 12mn. It was already 1130 when we entered the bar so we only had 30 minutes to have just one round of beer. It tastes so good we had to go back tonight with the gary, michelle and of course my cousins felice and chrissie.

Before I even get into details with what happened tonight, today was the third day and it is the day to go to the zoo and to ride the cable car. Because we are so tired, we only got to go to the Taipei zoo. It is so big so we had to get our lola on a wheelchair. Something not advisable to do when there are a lot of slopes going up and down. We saw lots of animals inside. Penguins, elephants, monkeys, bears, koala, zebra, muntjac, frogs, alligators, snakes, tortoise, turtle, salamander, iguana, and many more I can’t even remember. I just took lots of pitures of the animals I saw or those who are at sight.

After eating lunch at mcdonalds, we decided not to ride the cable car because it will take us an hour to buy tickets. No way, jose! So shopping is the next best thing. AWWWW. Electronics section is the next stop. Everyone just expressed happiness when gary said electronics. Cheap as it can be. Here in Taiwan, electronics are known to be cheaper than any other. I wish I have money to spend.

Dinner of machang and soup and misua. I didn’t like it that much but because I was hungry, I just ate.

A visit in the night market for the second time was amazing. The more you go inside the market, the cheaper things get. But be careful, you might lose your way and not make it to the time you are suppose to meet with your friends. I bought lots of cool stuff for pasalubongs and for me. My friends and family would really like them. I kinda noticed while shopping that I buy more stuff when im under time pressure. I feel like this will be the last chance when it is here is Taiwan but not totally true as a whole.

So we went back riding 3 cabs. We went to the pub in the hotel lobby and drank beer. We got a little tipsy and hungry that we decided to visit the supermarket. Which was my reason for going out so late to my dad. We bought food and food and food.

Now its too late and I should be the first one to wake up in 3 hours. I better sleep and tomorrow is another day and the final step to reach nirvana in the land of HCG. haha

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