Thursday, April 17, 2008

manila sucks

i say this from the bottom of my heart. manila sucks! it is so fucking hot im sweating in every part of my body. and it sucks you have to change clothes every time.

a week ago we arrived in taipei. for my past blogs, i was giving full details of the day-to-day trip. but the last two days was so exhausting i didn't have the energy to write one. so here it is.

so on saturday morning, we were all so tired to even get up but there were places we haven't been to. so off we go to the reservoir. two cities get there water from this dam. and it is where we got the water we used to take a bath that morning. cool huh? that day was the day i was in-charge of taking my lola. so i didn't walk a lot but once i get my lola to sit down for about 5 minutes. i run to spots where i can take pictures. and might i add. i only get a shorter time than 5 minutes because my lola can't stand being in one place. just like me. so it actually runs in the family.

so we get there and its already time for lunch. just about 30 minutes of taking lots of pictures for us. yes that runs in the family as well. my dad, my brothers, my cousins... literally we are all camwhores. half the time that we are in taiwan, we were taking pictures. smiling and posing for the cameras ( lots of them too). proof would be over 2000 pictures that we sifting through to print out.

lunch time we went to this fish restaurant. i forgot the name. i wrote it down on my notebook. but its not with me right now. so lets get back to the story. In this restaurant you order one big fish and they cook it in different dishes. And every dish was so good we forgot to take pictures. As if we were all hungry already from the one hour trip to the reservoir. Sometimes it feels like we are always hungry. We almost never ate lunch, dinner at the right time. But we always ate. If we didn’t we wouldn’t be a big family.

After eating we had to go to the comfort room and lola cant use the restroom where you have to squat and I can’t either so I can wait but lola can’t. so gary, the Taiwanese tour guide who is based in the Philippines asked the owner of the place if they have one. And they did only in the guy’s restroom. Lola went inside and as I was waiting, a couple of men came in and started peeing, I was so shocked coz I didn’t here them come in. maybe they thought I was a pervert or something. So on our way out, I was facing the wall so as not to see them. And off we go back to Taipei to go shopping. the next best thing we are good at during vacation trips. I don’t think I have ever been to any trip abroad where I didn’t buy something for myself and for pasalubong. I don’t think any Filipino can do that.

After doing some shopping in Nik outlet, Giordano, etc. we stopped for coffee in starbucks. It’s the coffeeshop you can never go wrong with. It’s universal. So sip sip sip while waiting for everyone. Then off we went to find the famous Japanese burger place called Mos Burger. And it is famous for a reason. Their burgers are really really good. You have to try it. So we called up ate for her to meet us up near Taipei 101. that day she met up with Lomo Taiwan for a shoot. So she met up with us and we got there we were all tired to go around that we just sat down in a coffeeshop at the top floor, called Mr. Brown Coffee. We drank and took pictures until it was time to meet up with the others.

Once we got home we were all really tired but we had to go to the supermarket still to purchase some last minute pasalubong and also a stop in McDonalds to get a bite to eat. So in Mcdonalds they have this meal, with chicken fries and drink only. It is so cheap that you can eat a lot. And even without ketchup you can just use there pepper powder that really tastes good and you are good to go. We ordered the food to go and ate the food in the hotel room while we were packing. And packing for me was disappointing because I left one thing in the hotel room. I actually don’t know what happened to it. I bought this notebook in starbucks and it has three cute stamps in it. And it was in a box and because there were a lot of boxes around my luggage, I might have placed the box with the other garbages. And it really sucks. And that’s how the story ends. I don’t want to give any details to the last day where we were just eating breakfast on our way to the airport and in the airport. Because it is the same old thing. Nothing new…

Manila still sucks. Right this very minute I am missing how cold it is in the morning when I wake up and take a shower. How I use hot water while taking a bath. Manila sucks. I want to go back to a place where it is cold.

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