Thursday, April 10, 2008

Taiwan Step 2

second day in taiwan and it started raining. and it got a little cold. so its a good thing i didn't listen to my dad when he told me not to bring a jacket with me.

before i forget... when i was talking about the hotel that we were staying in, did i mention we have free porn? yes, we do have free porn. and my brothers are jealous because in their room they have none. so for those who have some asian fettish. they would like the porn.

going back! today was too much. too much fun, too exhausting and too fattening. i woke up 7am and went to the shower immediately. and got ready waited for everyone to finish while watching an english movie in HBO that was about equality in education to the chicanos! "viva la raza". breakfast was free from the hotel and we headed to the cafe and ate waffles, bagel sandwiches and burritos for breakfast.

we were already running a little late so right after breakfast we hopped to a new pimping bus to the national museum of treasures. it was really educational but unfortch pictures are not allowed inside so we waited till we were outside to take pictures. i never knew anyone that perspire in photo ops. but we do... eveytime we do take pictures, we end up perspired and exhausted in the end coz of a lot of jump and running and changing of cameras(the heavy ones). so after taking all the energy we had on that we went for quick bite in the city called formosa chang which is a fastfood restaurant here. after that we went to the next destination...

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall. if D.C. has Lincoln Memorial then here in taiwan they have this. there are a lot of pictures and writings on the wall and i was lazy to read and look real closely. i just saw some people doing some protesting and a person that looks like cory aquino from afar and near. so had more pictures here and there and decided that we should try to ride the bullet train. here they call it the high speed rail ( HSR train ). it runs to about 300km/m. it was very fast because in 30minutes. we went from city to province. but the ride was very pleasant. standing up is a breeze. its not the ride in the LRT or our MRT. you actually dont move inside unless you yourself actually move. Make sense? i actually just type whatever comes to mind so bare with me.

after everything. it was only 4:30pm and i can't believe that we already did a lot of things. but i also cant believe that its already the second day and the only thing i have purchased were food and beverage. typical of me. thats why im fat. well getting back, of course taiwan is famous for their night markets so we had to visit one and the biggest. Tunghua Night Market. my sole hurts already just thinking about the walk we had. it was a very long street and many other sidestreets. many really nice stuff but it is very hard to get bargains when you dont understand the language they speak.

of course we would not start the shopping without fuel. we had to stop for some gas. we ate at this cool marketplace like foodcourt. it was amazing. you wouldn't want to eat everything because you never know what the food is. because shopping can also be tiring and not just therapeutic, we had to gas up again before we sleep. we ate in this place where instead of using chicken. they let us eat ducks. yes ducks. they place is full of pictures of it and the food basically is everything inside the duck. EVERYTHING!

and now i am here again. telling you this. taiwan is really great and the two days i have stayed here, even with a motel-like hotel, i still have taipei in my favorite cities in the world. not just for shopping but for the food and the weather and its cleanliness (relatively speaking). hope i can still come back soon.

so tomorrow is another day and hoping for more. until then im signing out.

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