Wednesday, March 18, 2009

the first letters of their names

one of my officemates sent me a text message last friday asking me to describe her using the first letter of my name. K? how can i describe her. i wasn't prepared i didn't reply to the message. but when i sent it to all my friends, to my surprise a lot of them responded immediately.

Paula said - "Panny. you know, like, nakakatawa"
Kaycee said - "Krazy"
Emilyn said - "Epal"
Nuel said - "Nuelable? :P" we both aren't sure whats that suppose to mean
Karla said - "Kyooot hehe"
Edz said - "Engrandeng Ninang :)" shes trying to convince me to buy my inaanak the eating chair
Laurie said - "Lomography?" is that even an adjective?
MJ said - "Malandi" so true
Analyn said - "adorable"
Eden said - "elusive"
Kai said - "Krazy! hihihi"
Katz said - "Krazy! hahaha"
Chisti-anne said - "Cool! hahaha"
G3 said - "gullible"
Paolo said - "panalo!"
Felix said - "Fat!" she believes that honesty is the best policy. and she stands by it.
Aissa said - "abominable. ur super workaholic na." grabe naman to magdescribe parang no life na other than work.
Mon said - "Mucho Dinero" - this one i just don't believe but i wish. coz if i have mucho dinero, i wouldnt have to be a workaholic. so im actually not denying it... haha

so it was really funny, panny as paula has said. people see me krazy... i actually believe them because i really am especially all the time. even in the office itssuper crazy. i dont wanna be too serious because it would make me even more crazy if i am.

work has been very hectic. i have strated writing the blog since 8am this morning and until 4:28pm i haven't even started on anything good to share. i don't think i will ever have something good to share unless i really focus on this blog. but i will start again because it is another day as i haven't even finished this particular paragraph and i guess i have to end it now to start a new one.

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