Thursday, March 19, 2009

bukol sa brief ng security guard (lump inside the brief of security guards)

earlier today, my boss (a new one that i really love) called me up to his table to show me something. his blog has the feature of seeing the keywords of people that led them to his site.

almost all the keywords that they are using were all about love. love? do i know anything about it? but getting back to the topic, one search was this "bukol sa brief ng security guard" (lump inside the brief of security guards). if u go to the site, there is no post like that or anything too malicious for that matter to even link those keywords to the blog.

it is funny how the mind of a person works. u may never know how he feels even if he looks empty or smiling, or sad. u will never know. but it is very fascinating. i wanna know more on how it works.

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