Friday, July 21, 2006

the weekend i am missing

three weeks ago, my three brothers and i were left to the supervision my great lola. as i said that my mum and dad went to for god knows where to find our list of bilin and other pasalubong.
so for that week, literally me and my cousins were partying every night and literally till the sun is shining. no sleep. no lonely night. just having fun.

my cousin, utoy, and i were making up different pulutan for different drinks and every night different topics of conversation with the camera and a bottle of a different alcohol is present. we would talk about anything and we would try to invite just anyone so that it wouldn't end up that we are the only ones who are drinking. as they say that the more the merrier. i say that is true but you shouldn't underestimate the power of two!

from the day that my mum left for japan, i have invited friends over for dinner and little drinking. and that little drinking turned out to be the whole week of freedom for me. everynight since june 30, we didn't miss a night of not staying up till morning. with little sleep we would head back to school and would meet up at home for the next house party we wanted to have.

it was so much fun that i wished my mum and dad would have stayed for another day or two. with my situation, it was one of the best things that ever happened to me since the day i started to go to school again this term. i have been prevented from going anywhere or to do anything that i really want. except i guess for shopping.

i was talking to a friend of mine the other day when she visited me one evening in starbucks waiting for my last class. she was telling me that i can't seem to stop to amaze me that i have survived months of just waiting. i was telling her that i have to. i can't breakdown in the middle when i already made it this far. in the inside, i have been afraid of a lot of stuff. my future, the present and the past.

the week that i have partied made me think of these things but still had the chance to unwind. to free myself from some things. but it also made me feel that i have to go back and make everything straight and finish life in college.

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