Tuesday, July 25, 2006

tina's back

for this weekend, i guess it was longest that i didn't like. the whole time it was raining and you can't get anywhere without a car. so we are all forced to stay at home and order in. and their were a few days that it was flooded outside the house. and today the flood came i our house already. its so disgusting.

so this time, i its not just the usual people. tina is an addition to the gang. we've been playing cranium, eating piZza and just hangging around. taking pictures of everything.

so for the whole weekend we do nothing but hangout at fifi's room and sing and play and do whatever. until we decided to go out and watch a movie. we were rushing coz we are going to be late for the movie and the only thing good is pirates of the carribean. we left the house and took two cabs going to glorietta but we got there 10-15 minutes late and we said that 15 minutes of the movies is quite long that we must have missed a lot from the movie already so we head towards the place we love best - TIMEZONE.

we played basketball and percussion masters and of courser our own world cup. it was so funny we made a bet that whoever loses would have to treat the winning team for ice cream. The game got really rough and it was really noisy as if you are really in the world cup rooting for beckham or ronaldo or cruz.

then we had dinner in ACCI and sang with the pianist a lot of songs and just laughed our asses of with singing and making jokes. taking pictures of course with every move and made every minute count because we had classes tomorrow. but my dad announced that we dont have class still the next day so stayed till late and the pianist was leaving.

felice calls me up and tells me tina wants to see me. i didn't know she was staying at the other house. i would have visited her already. instead of cleaning my room (cleaning this)i would rather talk to someone. so i got there and was telling stories and laughing about i can't remember what.

because of my late post. tina left the other day already. we got to bring her to the ayala museum. i was so cool. the only problem is that cameras are not allowed even if you pose with a lifesize cutout of jose rizal. you pay for an amount of money then you can't get a chance to show the world you've been to a museum for the first time.

if only i wasn't grounded tina. i would have had the chance to show you around more. and if only i don't have that much work in school. and if only i had a car. ehehe

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