Wednesday, November 21, 2007

blah blah blah... the usual rant

everyday that i wake up i would be turning my stereo on and do some stretches in my room.( so i'd be ready for my yoga). yes i do yoga now. its funny coz i found this old book in our house about yoga for the modern living. i started reading it but really just browsed it for about 30 minutes and realized i have to live a healthy life now. with the family background that we have, i would definitely end up sick when i get much older.

so for the first thirty minutes i would be concentrating with yoga. and after i would be playing the music really loud and dance my heart out till i get really tired then i will rest for few minutes then take a bath. this is so pretentious of me. but i actually just started this last monday.

doing everything that i do... i fell really relieved. i dont know if it is just me of it has been working already. but hey thats just me.

im quite tired of what has been happening. for months now, i stay at home and do nothing. i go out with my friends and just waste money. i kinda miss my job coz i get money from it. but i dont want to work. i have money now coz my dad gives me money but everytime he reaches for my hand, i would feel like a total brat. and i may be good at it.

so recently my whole family went to HongKong. The last time i was there i was really young and of course i was also with my family. its really nice to spend time with them coz you dont have to worry about anything. especially going over the budget. you have a credit card to use and they will give you permission. so shopping is so much fun. now that we are getting older, its much more exciting to travel. you get to remember everything coz you have tons of cameras to remind you of it and also you are old enough to understand everything. also they allow you to roam around by yourselves.

supposedly the whole family is set to travel to beijing. with my cousins fifi and chrissie plus our grandmother. unfortch, the chinese visa was late to be given out. my dad thought it would be a shame if we missed a long vacation without doing anything. so we did.

i want to travel. i want to see the world. i want to own my own company. i want to party. i want to relax. i want to be a chef.. i want to be a photohrapher. i want to be a professional make-up artist. i want everything. i want you!

it was postponed and postponed again. until nov 24, 2007. the trip with my mum and i. jsut the two of us. it really sucks coz the more the merrier. but everybody is busy already. not me and my mum.

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