Friday, February 10, 2006

pink is the new blog fan

i am hooked. i have never been really a good reader when it there are pictures involve. i just use my imagination to make up some lame story to excuse myself from reading the whole thing.

now that the only thing i do is face my laptop and work, my only break is when i would be reading this. here is where i get all the hollywood infos and the newbreaks on the hottest and most recent happening with the stars.

and this is the best pic i have ever seen so far. Oh britney!

wow! i was really shocked. and they look normal as if nothing has happened. i mean she doesn't have to brag that she's a mother already. we all know. and she could just have said it. but no. she has to flash us to get our attention...

i love trent. he's so lucky!

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