Wednesday, February 08, 2006

hell week every week.

its been six weeks in school and it has made my brain collapse. i need to unwind but can't really find the time to do this. not even a time to visit the salon to get my hair done.

what sucks even more is that i've been told to stop smoking, drinking alcohol even coffee and other things as well(shhh!). things that make me and bring me to life right now. i know i have been digging myself from deep dirt right now, but im getting sick.

its been really hard for me to sleep at night. i need those things. i need it badly.

there is no time. a lot of things to finish and so little time alloted for it. half of the term has passed and i feel nothing has been done. our practicum has been doing poorly. i can't even have the strenght to sell our product. we've all been having a hard time doing so. with the schedule we have, its very hard to balance everything that is laid down on us.

i hope that it wouldn't be this hard on our last term next term, i need to look good when i graduate. haha.

i need to perform well this term. i need to be a dean's lister for just a term and it's just hard with some of the subjects i have. its not that i dont understand, its just that the tasks are too much to carry.

i know i can manage. but i don't think i could excel. im just hoping for the best. goodluck to me.

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