Friday, August 26, 2005

i lost everything...

it's like the incident in the world trade center. we lost people we really cherished. a black hole is over me. wanting to eat every part of me. a virus that ate up every piece of memory i had. good and bad ones...

my files. my music and every picture i have. it is all long gone.
alicia keys concert
christmas 2004
new year
hanging out
dress ups
fete dela musique
lahat ng pictures ko... nawala na

ipod music... all 5000 songs... *sob**sob*

all my life is gone.. with just a blink of an eye... because of those stupid people creating viruses. what the hell are your problems? why can't you do anything that will only make your own lives miserable. why do you have to get mine?

i wanted to cry. all i have left from those memories are those pictures and now they're all gone. i miss my ipod na rin.

pero now i don't have class, i'm free i can do whatever. im gonna rebuild this whole pc and get it back to the normal pc i had before it crashed.

changing the topic.

this past term has been very stressful and i deserve an applause for passing it without breaking down.



a break na break tlga...

oh life....

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