Thursday, July 07, 2005

i miss her already

i went to school thinking its as usual going to school and just feeling lazy. but no. today was the birthday os SAN... she's 20 na. we decided to go the library to study but i wanted to sleep. before sleeping i was then struck by the thought that fifi is gone. tears started to fall... i stopped when i could still control it. and slept, occupied my mind with something else.

i miss her already... wala ng reason para umuwi ako ng maaga. i was really making sure nung past few weeks na i go home early kasi i'm making the most out of the time na she has here.

wala na ko kasama manood ng sine sa RP, ng alias, CSI, friends, oprah. wala na ko makwentuhan ng mga happenings sa life ko. wala ng kasama sa mga food trips. sa jammings... sa tambay lang. sa breakfast with crossword waffle, coffee, milk etc... to laugh with. to cry with... (hindi ba kanta yun?)

i just wish i see her very soon. i really want to. sana bigyan ako ng visa ng embassy... kasi exactly 24 had passed since our last goodbyes and approximately 25 hours since nung last text namin.

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